UIMS - A flexible solution for your college needs. Provides a total end to end solution. Flexible options for staff management and student management.
CSTSL deals more into product engineering and web application products.
Trading management
Trading product management, design engineering base developements
TIBS Data Management & Warehousing and web application products.
Trinity ITS founded on unique promises
Trinity ITS founded on unique promises
  1. Accelerated value delivery - the best solution, faster and on time.
  2. Reduction of wastage of resources.
  3. Higher quality products.
  4. More flexibility to react to change by following Agile methodology.
  5. Open and transparent partnership with our clients.

Trinity Solution is an entity born with the sole aim of satisfying the ever-elevating Quality standards and utility requirements in the area of Information Technology.We are the IT Division of CAT Centre For Animation Technology. We provide cost effective and efficient technology solutions encompassing web applications, e-commerce applications, facilitate and transform corporate web presence. We have built the relevant skills to deliver projects on Microsoft .NET Technologies and J2EE architecture. Skilled engineers specializing in the respective technology streams led by Team Managers with extensive project management experience provide an optimum blend of management, technology and creativity. We provide solutions for organizations and service providers looking to maximize return on their IT investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to help clients address issues, specific to their businesses.

Software Development requires skilled technical manpower, time and expensive infrastructure. Offshore software development is a cost effective alternative to developing software in-house. Currently, the Offshore Development Center for a few companies in the US. Software Outsourcing and Offshore Programming at G.M ensures the client's proprietary software and new development specifications with very high levels of security.

The Microsoft .NET platform is greatly improving the interoperability of systems Web applications are the essential backbone driving the Internet. Trinity Solution offers and delivers professional web applications and e-commerce solution development. Our skills and expertise in this area have been established with proven consistency through the numerous projects undertaken and delivered by the GM Team. Efficiency and timely delivery are the hallmarks of our programming team led by an able team of Project Managers. With vast experience in web application development, the value addition from the team ensures effortless achievement of complex objectives.

Our broad range of .NET expertise includes:
  1. . NET system design and application development.
  2. Re-engineering applications to .NET from legacy systems.
  3. Managing upgrades, and technical support for existing custom and packaged applications.
  4. Migrating web and desktop applications to .NET.
  5. Developing web services using the .NET framework and the SOAP toolkit.
  6. Developing interfaces for remote/mobile access to applications.
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